I come from the countryside of Meath, living beside Newgrange.

I've lived in the USA, Spain and India. India changed my life, I've always wanted to volunteer abroad and my dreams came true two years ago when I was lucky enough to manage a group of volunteers who were teaching assistants in a school. I was fortunate enough to teach the youths of the neighbourhood too. 

The whole experience made me a more humble person, to appreciate the little things in life. I would go back tomorrow if I could.


How would you describe your teaching style at Citas? 

Dynamic, practical and easy going


Which was the best compliment that you have received in class?

Best thing ever said in the classroom - 'we are family teacher ' and 'i feel a lot more  confident speaking now thanks to you'

Can you tell us a funny story about yourself?

Something funny...ha hmm... I slept on the edge of a cliff in a car in France for one night because I'd no money. ha!