In this memorable day Nathália took the opportunity to have fun and also work a little bit with her passion, photography. We asked her to tell us what happened that day and  abouit her experience in Dublin.

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My name is Nathália Corrêa, I’m 31 years old and I am from Brazil. I’ve been living in Ireland for more than a year now, and I’m a Citas student since last November. I was a full qualified doctor in Brazil, but I decided to move to Ireland to learn English and to try a different life – and now I can affirm that I’ve made the right choice. I always appreciated fashion and visual arts, and here in Ireland these feeling started to make a lot more sense to me. I really love the way of living here, and the way that people are free to express their selves.

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Also, Ireland has beautiful and so diverse landscapes, which made me take one more risk and start something completely new: photography. After realizing that, I bought a camera and started to look for some videos and free courses. And now I’m always trying to walk around the city, collecting casual moments and expressions.

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Saint Patrick’s Day was a great opportunity to practice this, specially because I see this celebration as a thing for e from people. Is very interesting to notice people from all around the world wearing the same colour, celebrating together and being happy as a huge community. One fact took my attention, a group of Asian ladies asking for some Irish people to have a photograph with them, as they were super stars. I guess that’s because Ireland was such a special place to spend that particular day. A memorable day.