My name's Ciara and I'm from Dublin. Some of my friends and family like to call me Coco, it's a nickname I have since I was younger. I have family in the south of France so I have lived there in the past. English is my first language but I am also fluent in French. Other than that I can speak Irish, Italian and a little Spanish. I started teaching English 2 years ago and I absolutely love it. Languages, music and animals are my 3 favourite things in life (if we're not counting friends and family of course LOL). 


How would you describe your teaching style at Citas? 

I would describe my teaching style in Citas as friendly and relaxed. I always build a great rapport with the students and base my classes around what they want to learn. I also love to teach some Irish slang the odd time - after all we are located in the heart of Dublin! The students in Citas are immersed in the Irish culture and are always eager to learn.

Which was the best compliment that you have received in class?

It was my birthday last week and when I arrived at school the whole day from start to finish was a celebration, led by my students. They made me feel so special and loved which makes me realise the impact I have on their lives here. It is an amazing feeling to hear 'Thank you teacher' after each class or 'Come back to us Ciara' from students I no longer teach. For me, everyday working at Citas is rewarding. 

Do you have any hobbies? 

I used to have horses and I did horse-riding until the age of 17. I would love to go back one day. I also took part in singing and drama school throughout my teenage years. I was head of performance on the Drama committee in Secondary School. I loved creative writing when I was in school, I now portray these skills through English teaching and of course my personal blog on Instagram. These days my hobbies include going to the gym, uploading posts to my Instagram account and sleeping.


Can you tell us the story behind the Ibiza Concert Poster?

Well I lived in Ibiza for 2 months in Summer 2017 and it was an experience I will never forget. I didn't have to work over there because I had saved up months in advance, life was all about sun and beaches - and the odd party ;) . The apartments we lived in were pretty grim so to decorate the place we used posters, tapestries and strange collectives from the Island. This was one of my favourite posters. Anyone who has done a season in Ibiza knows that you can't take your time on the Island for granted and that means bringing home any memorabilia you have collected is more important than bringing home the clothes you went over with!



Can you tell us a funny story about yourself?

My friend once made a video of me doing silly impressions of people when we were sitting in his sisters room. The people included his sister, their cleaner, peter griffin, one of the lads and Sandy from grease. I was 19 and believe it or not there was no alcohol involved! The video still does the rounds on Facebook today. My friends like to call me a little princess/drama queen however I like to say - aspiring actress.