My name is Charlie, I’m 21 and I’m from Dublin. I studied geography in university for my undergraduate and masters degrees, so I’m definitely a bit of a nerd! I love art - looking at it AND creating it. I do watercolour painting and tattoo-style designs! I also love movies, music, astronomy, the beach, reading, and pasta (of course...). 


How does it feel to be member of Citas' family?

It feels great! I love how friendly the atmosphere is, and how everyone is always smiling and chatty. I feel very warm and welcome here. 

What is your favorite word in english and why?

I like celestial, because I love space. 


Can you tell me a funny story that happens to you?

Once I was on the train and thought I hadn’t my headphones plugged in to my phone and shuffled my playlist. To my absolute horror my headphones were NOT plugged in and Goofy Goober (Rock) from the Spongebob Movie blasted through the packed carriage. Very embarrassing...


Tell me a little about the story behind the pins that we took in the picture and how do you feel related to them?

Each of the pins has a separate story behind them. The rainbow Mickey Mouse I received as gift from Disney Land Paris - it represents me being a part of the LGBT community and my pride in that. The small flag is the transgender pride flag and again, represents a huge part of my identity. The scrabble letters spelling out ‘you’ is the album artwork from a favourite musician of mine, Dodie - the album is very special to me for lots of reasons, so I like having that with me at all times.