Hi my name is Dominik. I’m the Director of Studies for Citas College. I’ve been a teacher for 19 years. I’m from Poole in the Uk and was privileged to grow up next to the sea, which is still an important feature in my life. I’m married with one son Matthew who is 7 and together with my wife Harriet and our dog poppy we make up a busy but really happy family. I love bikes, cars and planes which have always had an important influence on my life. 


You are a member of Citas family, for how long you have being here?

I’ve worked at Citas for 3 years and I’ve been the DOS for nearly 1.

As a student, I know for fact, that you received loads of questions per day, what is your recipe to be always in a good mood?

I have a happy personality and dealing with questions and issues is part of my job and something I enjoy doing. So it’s easy to be happy with people. 

What is your favorite thing at Citas?

My favourite thing at Citas is that we treat everyone on a personal level, like a member of a family. It doesn’t matter if you are staff or a student we will always make time for you. 

What is the best compliment that you have received from a student?

My favourite word is procrastinate. I always get told off for putting things off :)


Do you have any hobbies?

My major hobby and the reason behind the toy car is that my passion is cars. I’ve owned about 30 cars in my life. Everything from a mini to a Porsche. I love old landrovers and I’ve owned 3 so far. One of my earliest memories is driving with my dad and his friend in his American Trans am. It was dark blue with a huge golden eagle on the bonnet. The sound of the V8 engine and the smell of leather inside started my fascination and passion.