I'm from Galway, I've been teaching English for 4 or 5 years now and I've lived abroad quite a few times (Spain, California and backpacking through central and South America) I love travelling as well as movies, tv shows and reading. I'm also a big fan of quizzes and games as well as socializing with friends :)


When did you decide to become an English teacher?

Like many others before me, I fell into it! I studied English and Spanish at university and the logical jobs while travelling was TEFL teaching but when I returned home I kept it going! I find it a lot of fun and oftentimes rewarding so I have no career regrets so far :) 

How would you describe your teaching style at Citas? 

Fun, energetic and focused! 

What is your favorite word in english?

Pampered-it sounds so lovely :D

Which was the best compliment that you have received in class?

Last week a class told me I should do stand up or be an actor on stage, that appealed to my dramatic side. 


What is the story with the object that you have chosen? 

I chose a Galway jersey as I'm very passionate about my city: Its culture, its sights and its people. We are also the All Ireland champions of hurling this year so the jersey holds extra significance!

I brought a pair of dice and a deck of cards to represent my love of games, having fun and joking around!


Can you tell us a funny story about yourself?

Im not sure how appropriate most of my funny stories are here but I did once travel across europe with my best friend with no momey whatsoever for charity! We made it to Munich, Paris and Copenhagen by basically begging and managed to raise a lot of money which made up for the lack of showers and comfort as we stowed away on trains and planes!


Which is your favorite spot in Dublin?

Pub wise-Whelans. Outdoors wise probably St Stephens Green or Grafton street!