I decided to become an English teacher after university because I knew I would be able to travel with it and the qualification works like an extra passport. I also knew that its much better than sitting in an office all day.

Each day is different, that is the best aspect of being a teacher.


How would you describe your teaching style at Citas? 

I try to incorporate topical things in my class. If we are looking at a specific grammar point I would try to link it to a news article or a song. I  also love using the radio and podcasts in class. My teaching style would be quite laid back but with as much error correction as possible.

Which was the best compliment that you have received in class?

Students sometimes compliment me but I prefer to see students using correct grammar or lexis that I have taught them previously. I do get compliments in relation to Irish culture etc.

Do you have any hobbies? 

My hobbies include sport, music, books and history.

What is your favorite spot in Dublin?

I used to have favourite pubs but since the arrival of my son I don't have a favourite spot. My favourite place is where he is.

What is your favorite word in english?

Too many words to choose from but maybe WEEKEND.