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Why study English in Ireland?

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Why study English in Ireland?

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While Ireland has its own language and distinct cultural identity, English is the universal spoken language. In fact, Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone and this is one of the reasons why so many multinational businesses locate their European base here. Companies who require a skilled, educated and highly capable workforce chose to locate in Ireland. It also makes Ireland a great choice for international students.

You can read more about Ireland as a top destination for third level education on

Why choose Ireland?

      Ireland is a friendly, safe country

  •  In 2010, Lonely Planet named Ireland the most friendly country in the world.
  •  The Global Peace Index rates 158 nations worldwide on measures such as conflict, safety and security in society and militarisation. In 2014, it ranked Ireland the 13th most peaceful place on Earth.

8646857686_ec7d04b810_bIreland is rich literature and music

  • Ireland is the country that gave the world Ulysses, Dracula and Gulliver’s Travels. Dublin has been named one of only four UNESCO Cities of Literature. And writers William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Becket, and Seamus Heaney have won Ireland four Nobel Prizes for Literature.
  • Our music is incredibly powerful… and diverse. U2 has been described as rock’s hottest ticket. Enya is one of the biggest selling female artists in the world. Altan, Celtic Woman, and six-times Grammy winners The Chieftains have brought traditional Irish music to the world. Boy-band West Life made musical history when their first seven singles went straight to Number One in the UK charts. We have even got our own Irish Tenors!

Ireland is the European hub to over 1,000 leading multinational companies

  •  Over 1,000 FDI giants in ICT, Social Media, Pharmaceuticals and Finance have made Ireland the hub of their European operations, with names such as Google, HP, Apple, IBM,  Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme.

The International Student Visa for English Language students

If you would like to come to Ireland to study English, here is some up-to-date information on getting an International Student visa.

  • You can get a maximum of three consecutive visas to study English in Ireland. From January 2016, the period of each visa will be 8 months. (It was 12 months until December 2015).
  • During the 8 months of your visa, you are required to enrol in a 6-month (25 week) full-time English course. This course must be 15 hours of classes per week, from Monday to Friday.
  • To comply with the visa requirements you must attend a minimum of 85% of your classes and you must sit an end-of-course examination.
  • While in Ireland on a study visa, you are allowed to work on a part-time basis. You may work 20 hours per week for most of the year, but 40 hours per week during the months of May, June, July and August and from 15 December to 15 January inclusive.

Please contact us at Citas College if you would like any further information on studying English in Ireland.

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