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Sick Leave

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Students who are unable to attend class due to illness or for any other reason must contact the college. In the case of illness, students are required to inform the school.

If you are absent from class due to sickness you can self-certify ( You Don’t have to go to the doctor) for the first 2 days of your absence.  In this case only please can you fill in and submit the form at the link shown below.  You must do this every day you are sick.  This form can also be found on our Website under the menu called ‘Students’.  You will be able to be excused for a total of 6 days due to short term illness over the 25 weeks of your course.  If you have a long term illness, or need to go to a GNIB appointment then  please come into see us  or email us at to organise being excused from your lessons.  We will only accept the sickness forms up to 12pm on the day of your sickness.  Please remember you must do this every day for the first 2 days you are off.

Here is the link: Absence Form