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Absenteeism and Expulsion Policy

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In the event of regular poor attendance without justification, disciplinary action leading to expulsion will be taken by Citas College as outlined in the Attendance Policy.

Inappropriate Behaviour

Students and staff are expected to behave in a courteously and respectfully manner at all times.

In extreme cases of inappropriate behaviour on the part of a student, the college reserves the right to expel him/her with no refund. Students are required to communicate any problems/issues they may be having in class, around the school or with Administration in a courteously and respectfully manner.

The use of foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. Inappropriate Behaviour in Class Students are expected to respect both their teachers and their fellow classmates during their classes at all times. Any student found being disrespectful during class may be asked to leave the class and if so, would lose their attendance for that day. All episodes of this nature will be reported to the Director of Studies. Before a student is expelled for inappropriate behaviour he/she will receive both a verbal warning and a written warning.