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Enrolling for End-of-course Examinations

When a student begins their course at Citas College, they sign up to the end-of-course examination that they wish to sit (Trinity College London ISE Exam or TIE from IELT or PTE Academic from Pearson or IELTS or Cambridge FCE or Cambridge Business English BEC Vantage ). This is noted on their GNIB documents.

Students must pay for this examination on the point of enrolment. Examinations are scheduled approximately every 6 weeks (when requested, we can schedule extra examination dates.) Students must pre-register for their end-of-course examination with Citas College approximately three weeks before the date of the exam.

They are then obliged to sit the exam on this day. If they fail to attend, they must pay the examination fee again to sit the exam at a later date. For further information on pre-registering for examinations, please contact the Director of Studies, Dominik Le Good,

Appealing End-of-course Examinations (PDF)