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Culture Night 2017

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Culture Night 2017

Dublin Culture Night: the Irish time-travel machine

Culture Night is a big date on the social and cultural calendar of Ireland, taking place this year on the 22nd of September. It’s going from strength to strength and now in it’s 13th year it has events all across the country. One of our students  Rafaelle Cristine de Sena decided to explore some of Dublin’s history. Let her tell you more about it.

Rafaelle getting ready to enter the GPO

Have you ever thought of having the chance to travel back in time and watch a remarkable moment of history in person? In Ireland you can!

No, time-travel hasn’t been invented (yet?) here. However, a passionate group of Irish people have made it possible by leading you through their most important moments in history, filing your mind with amazing adventures and your heart with the warmest feelings. And that’s what Culture Night in Dublin is all about!

The event takes place throughout the whole city of Dublin every year on the third Friday night of the month of September. And the best part: everything is free! That’s right. For every museum, concert, exhibition and park you want to go the entry is absolutely free.

I picked one great place and I decided to explore it as much as I could. My choice was to visit the General Post Office, known as the GPO and stage of battles in the past during the Easter Rising 1916. In a normal day a person would pay €10,00 to get in. I waited 30 minutes in the queue and got in for free!

The place itself is just fabulous when you see it every day from outside. The architecture is amazing and I love everything inside. It is so vintage and charming there! It make me feel like an extra in Michael Collins just to enter and send a postcard. The museum is downstairs and it tells us part of the Easter Rising History.

The bad news is that you have to organize your time very well to get to know at least 2 or 3 places. You will find queues in every famous place. If you are lucky you can book the most famous sites such as Guinness Store, Dublinia and Dublin Castle. However, most of the others well- known places will probably be crowded.

But that’s no reason to give up! Whether you are as curious and fascinated by history as I am  or just like to explore the city, you will find your own way through the Dublin Culture Night.  And that’s all Culture Night is about: explore and discover a whole world of fun! See you next time



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